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Milwaukee RSC-2 #988, Original photo by Jim Neubauer.
The Prototype for the RGW....



Then, Now and What If, Along the Ol' Milwaukee Road


This page will eventually detail the line abandoned by the Milwaukee when it left this region in June of 1980.  This page will include photographs of specific locations along the line and how the RGW would have developed the region if it actually pulled off the purchase and line development we envision in our little world.  We will also detail some of the key industries along the line; those real and those imagined and how the real railroad would service those industries.

Active Railroads in King County, Washington

(click on map for larger map or cameras for current day photos)

Topographical map of King County, WA, showing the mainlines of the Union Pacific (UP), the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) and the Rainier Great Western (RGW).  The RGW has assumed ownership and operation of the old Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific (CMStP&P) line west of Landsburg, terminating at Black River Junction. 




Model Railroading Can Develop Great Skill and Character, Support the NMRA