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 Titled, "Look Good on the Rollby", BNSF's Mobase (McChord AFB) local, lead by BNSF 2265, a GP38,  awaits clearance to enter the BNSF mainline at Nisqually Junction, WA, as the "Seagull Express", otherwise known as the Arlington- Interbay Garbage Train, headed by BN 2887, a GP39M, passes on Main One.
Modeling on the RGW....



Model Railroading Techniques, Building Projects & Tips


This page will present modeling projects were are working on that will find their way on to the RGW.  We may, from time to time, include some of the clinic information we have presented or collected at NMRA Division meets.  If you have suggestions for modeling presentations, please let us know though the email system.


Superelevation Made Easy    (Click on Picture for visual example)

This is a clinic I presented at a local 4th Division, NMRA meeting about two years ago.  It is a method we use on the RGW to quickly and effectively superelevate all curves.  After reading this if you have questions, just contact me at the email address above.


Turnout Installation and Controls

This is a brief explanation of the methods used to install and control the turnout linkage for all turnouts on the RGW.




Model Railroading Can Develop Great Skill and Character, Support the NMRA